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To remove hair, you can pluck, shave, wax or laser. Waxing is the perfect balance of affordable, comfortable, and effective. The smooth results of waxing last longer than shaving because hair is being removed at the root so it will take longer to grow back. When you repeatedly pull hair from the root, the follicle will eventually stop growing altogether. A single wax session will not yield permanent results, repeat treatments can lead to a permanent reduction of unwanted hair.

Brow Wax

For women, brows are everything today. Whether you like a conservative brow or a bold full brow, well manicured eyebrows frame your eyes and lift your entire face. A brow wax will give you the perfect arch. For men, grooming doesn't end with the beard and mustache, but the brows are often forgotten about. Give thick and unruly brows some routine shaping - and separating - with waxing and they'll be easier for your to maintain at home with a trimmer.

Facial Hair Removal

We specialize removing unwanted facial hair on the lip, chin, or full face. If you have dark or coarse facial hair, or an abundance of peach fuzz, waxing is an effective solution.

Body Hair Removal

Waxing removal is also effective for removing unwanted chest hair or back hair. 

Wax Hair Removal at Studio W Salon in Castro Valley

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