Blonde Hair Trends in Castro Valley

How to decide which shade of blonde? Here is a breakdown of popular blonde hair shades (like Warm Blondes) to give you some inspiration.

What is hair color correction?

We specialize in hair color correction, a broad term for fixing color problems, removing unwanted hair dye, and making complex color changes.

Vivid Hair Color

Make a big statement with your vivid hair color, or just add subtle hints. Studio W Salon is here to help you express your personal style.

Transitional Grey Hair

Unlike a root touch up, with a transitional grey hair service, we don't color your roots - we color the rest of your hair to match your grey and natural salt and pepper pattern.

Meet the Modern Pixie Cut

Imagine a short haircut that you've grown out for a few have fun fringe, flexible length on top, a sexy tousled look! That's the new pixie cut. 

What is fairy hair?

Fairy hair is anything that makes you sparkle and shine! We have clip in extensions in bold color, tinsel, feathers and accessories. Everyone can wear fairy hair. We're great at adding just the right amount of sparkle for you.