Highlights, Balayage and Blonding in Castro Valley

As hair colorists, we work within two main categories when it comes to hair color: depositing and lifting. This page is dedicated to lifting, which is all about highlighting your hair or going blonde...or blonder. Understanding the look you want will help us determine which technique to use.

Foil Highlights

Foil highlights are great for adding lighter pieces to brighten up your overall look. Foil highlights are typically brighter because of the foils, which extend the developing time of the bleaching agent. Foil highlights may not be as trendy as the balayage technique, but if you want brightness, don't overlook the effectiveness of foils.

Dimensional Lived-in Blonde

Adding lowlights and keeping some base color at the roots create dimension in lighter hair. Dimension gives your color depth and richness instead of wearing a single, solid color. Dimensional blonde hair can also be created by adding a single process color to the roots after a highlight service, adding color just the the root area. This is referred to as a Root Melt. This look has a very easy grow in because the added color blurs the highlights at the top of head, which helps your roots blend in as new hair grows.


Babylights are a foil highlight technique which adds a natural glow to blonde hair or a few hidden glimpses of color to darker shades. Babylights are achieved with a foil highlighting technique using a lot of foils around your head. In order to create a very natural look, we take finer slices of hair. The result is more delicate than a standard foil highlighting, designed to recreate the blonde hair of youth.


This foil highlighting technique mimics the look of balayage using foils as sections of hair are teased before lightener is applied. This concentrates lightener on the lengths of the hair, making a nice blend between base color and highlighted ends. Highlighting the hair from the mid length down allows your stylist to emulate the look of balayage using a traditional foil highlight process.


Balayage is a French technique for hand painting of highlights. Foil highlights use a brush too, but this technique results in bolder yet subtle sweeping highlights for greater dimension. The results are more lived-in than foil highlights.

Ombre Hair

Ombre hair features colors that seem to fade into one another usually from darker roots to lighter ends, but the reverse is also possible.

Money Piece Highlights

The Money Piece Highlights add a bright chunky frame of blonde  - or even a vivid color - around the face. It's an easy way to freshen up your look without a lot of fuss. A great way to lift your complexion with a soft grow out phase.

Hair Color Correction

We specialize in big color changes, extreme lifting, and hair color fixes. Removing unwanted hair color or fixing a bad color job almost always involve lightening and/or toning the hair in some fashion.

  • If you've used a drug store hair color and aren't happy with the results, we can remove it, or make it look like it never even happened!
  • If your lightened or highlighted hair is over processed and looks orange, we can fix it!
  • If you've got mermaid green hair and want to go fire engine red, we have the skills to do it!
  • If you were born a brunette beauty and want to go platinum, we have the skills for big color changes.


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