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Women of all ages are using extensions to add length to their hair, or fill out their current'd be surprised who's wearing them. Brides-to-be love hair extensions, especially clips ins or tape in extensions, to boost their wedding day updo. We offer a few different types of extensions, along with the fun hair embellishments like tinsel, feathers and fairy hair accessories.

Types of Hair Extensions Available at Studio W Salon

We offer and install a few different types of hair extensions in a variety of lengths, colors and textures.

Tape-in Extensions by Hotheads

Clip In Extensions

(we can install these even if you purchased them somewhere else)

Feather and Tinsel Extensions

(these can be installed on their own, or blended in with other hair extensions.)

Tape In Extensions

We offer tape in extensions by HotHeads, made of 100% human hair and available in a spectrum of pre-colored shades. Tape in extensions are a popular choice because they combine durability with affordability. They apply very efficiently which makes them more economical than other hair extensions designed for long term wear. Wefts of hair are fitted with strips of medical grade adhesive and attached to sections of your natural hair.

Application: full head takes about 1 hour
Maintenance:  should be removed and reapplied every 6-9 weeks
Life span: 6-12 months

How much do hair extensions cost?

We get this question a lot, and it's a tough question to answer over the phone or on DM.  The cost of hair extensions is mae up of the cost of the hair and the cost to install them.  The type of hair we use, the amount, and the length will all impact the price.

For a better idea of how much hair extensions will cost, please come in for a free consultation.

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