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Not born with curls? Want more from your waves?

We Do Perms of all Kinds for Women and Men at our Castro Valley Hair Salon

Perms may be one of the big comeback trends but the truth is...we never stopped doing them. The perm has been around forever, but today we have so many options for rod shapes sizes, along with new techniques for setting and processing the hair. If you're ready to add some texture to your hair, we can really have some fun!

What is a Perm?

Perms, permanent waves, are a chemical treatment used to change the structure and texture of the hair. The results will depend on the rod size we use.  Small, thin rods give tight curls. Big rods make loose waves. Here the different types of perms we offer and what they are designed to do.

Body Waves and Soft Curl Perms

A body wave creates a loose wave with larger rods. A body wave is ideal for someone with straight hair who wants to add some natural-looking texture and S shaped waves without having to use a curling iron or hot rollers every time. When a body wave is used to soften your natural curl pattern, unify your curl pattern, or give your curls some direction, it's referred to as a soft curly perm.

Beach Wave Perms

The beach wave perm is essentially a body wave, designed to add soft, tousled looking waves hair of all lengths. We use different size and shape rods to accommodate longer hair. Women with long hair love a beach wave perm so they can have that effortless sea-breeze-tousled look.

Tight Curly Perms

The spiral perm is a type of tight curly perm to give long straight hair gorgeous curl and ringlets. A tight curl perm can help naturally curly hair form into spirals and coils. On medium and short hair, a tight curly perm can create dramatic volume. Some people call this a hippie perm because it is designed to create small tight curls and huge voluminous hair, minus the throw-back frizz of course.

Man Perms

Everyone likes a style that's easy to work with at home and men are no exception. A perm can make men's hair easier to wash and go. We do a lot of perms for men, so we know how to place the curls for a current, natural look. We work with all types of hair, even the finest baby hair types, so bring us your hair concerns.

Book a Perm at Studio W Salon in Castro Valley

If you've never had a perm before, or not recently, we suggest you come in for a consultation. Give us a call at 510-862-5525 or book online.  Or we'll contact you...send us an appointment request and we'll get in touch with some date and time options.

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