Castro Valley Hair Salon for Men of All Ages

We offer an upscale salon experience but we don't just cater to women. We have services for the entire family. And we've got everything he needs to maintain his style!

Barber Services

Whether you want a quick and easy haircut that’s roll out of bed ready or a classic men’s haircut that you can dress up or down, we can create the perfect men’s haircut for you. We offer latest haircuts with shears, undercuts, buzz  cuts, clipper cuts, fades, tapered cuts and more. We also offer beard shaping, bead trips, shaves, head shaves and hot towel shaves.

Camo Color For Grey

Yes, men get their hair colored! They may not advertise it, but even men wearing traditional styles have no problem asking for camo color, to either subtly reduce or complete cover grey hair.

Hair Color for Men

Fashion forward guys, of all ages, go for vivid tips or even all over bright hair color. Learn more about our vivid colors here.

Man Perms

Perms add texture to hair that needs some body or hold, or perms can give your natural curls and waves some direction. Everyone likes a style that's easy to work with at home, and men are no exception. A perm can make your hair easier to wash and go. We do a lot of perms for men, so we know how to make these wave treatments modern, and look natural on your particular haircut and style.

Brow Wax

Grooming doesn't end with the beard and mustache, but the brows are often forgotten about. Give thick and unruly brows some routine shaping - and separating - with wax hair removal and they'll be easier for your to maintain at home with a trimmer.

Back & Chest Wax Hair Removal

Wax hair removal is also effective for removing unwanted chest hair or back hair.  The smooth results of wax hair removal last longer than shaving because hair is being removed at the root so it will take longer to grow back. When you repeatedly pull hair from the root, the follicle will eventually stop growing altogether. A single wax session will not yield permanent results, repeat treatments can lead to a permanent reduction of unwanted hair.

Men's Haircut at Studio W Salon in Castro Valley

Give us a call at 510-862-5525 or book online.  Or we'll contact you...send us an appointment request and we'll get in touch with some date and time options.

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"Love this place. " Jon

"Jennie is the best! Definitely recommended!" Ernesto

"Really nicely setup salon with parking lot in back. Authorized entry as the door is locked unless you have an appointment. Clean and efficiently setup. Plenty of texts and email reminders so you don’t forget." Peter

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