Hair Salon with Fairy Hair in Castro Valley

What is Fairy Hair?

We say fairy hair is anything that makes you sparkle and shine! At Studio W Salon, we love to add embellishments to your hair. We have clip in hair extensions, in natural and in bold color along with tinsel and feathers which can be added to your natural hair, with or without other hair extensions.

  • Mylar tinsel strands
  • Feathers and crystals
  • Bold pops of color
  • Butterfly clips and more

What does Fairy Hair Look Like?

Women of all ages are asking for fun hair embellishments and believe us when we say it's not just young girls. Fairy hair looks different on everyone, depending on what we add to the hair. We can certainly make fairy hair look age-appropriate. Hair tinsel can be made to look playful on young girls, yet striking and chic in grey hair.

Who Wears Fairy Hair?

People wear fairy hair to express their personal style. College students love fairy hair for all kinds of events and activities like homecoming, tailgates, concerts and festivals. Adults like fairy hair for a little glimmer mixed in with their highlights. There's no age limit for fairy hair, everyone loves a little sparkle

How much does Fairy Hair Cost?

Fairy Hair sounds fancy but it doesn't cost a lot. Tinsel and feathers are priced by the stand and run a few dollars each. We offer them here at the salon and will attach and remove them for you. We also have a selection of other accessories that can be easily clipped into the hair.

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