Hair Color Correction

Our hair color correction specialties include: Fixing Hair Color Problems, Removing Unwanted Hair Dyes, Big Color Transitions

What is Hair Color Correction?

Color correction is a broad term for how we approach complex color changes. Removing unwanted hair color or fixing a bad at-home color job almost always involves lightening and/or toning the hair in some fashion. First we have to determine what we are dealing with...what type of color is on the hair, what areas need to be treated, and what is the desired end result. Big color changes and extreme lifting, going from black to platinum, falls under correction services due to the complexity of the service.

Do I need Color Correction?

  • If you've used a drug store hair color and aren't happy with the results
  • If your hair is colored unevenly or you have large root regrowth
  • If you've got mermaid green hair and want to go fire engine red
  • If you were born a dark brunette and want to be platinum

Trust the Process

Before we begin any color fixing, we'll explain everything. We want you to understand what we're doing, why we're taking that approach, how much will cost, and how long it will take. We always say "trust the process." Because color correction often begins with an all over bleaching service to remove all the pigment from the hair. It's not always possible to remove only the unwanted color and keep the original. If you peek in the mirror before we're finished...don't worry, we have a plan.

Removing Old Hair Color

Removing or "lifting" permanent hair dye is possible, but it will require some patience. The service can involve multiple steps and take some time, or it may require that we make a plan that will span a couple of salon visits.  But the results will be worth it. Here are two of our hair color correction clients. The first client wanted us to remove black hair dye, and the results show are after just one salon visit.

If you need color correction services, we suggest you begin with a free consultation.

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