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Warm Blonde Hair & Blonde Hair Trends in Castro Valley

Even if you're not a natural blonde, you can certainly wear a blonde shade or add some highlights. Maybe you're already blonde and want to go a little brighter for the season. Or perhaps you're hair is naturally dark and you want to go light. How to decide which shade of blonde? Here is a breakdown of popular blonde hair shades to give you some inspiration - like warm blonde hair.

Warm Blonde Hair

Everyone is buzzing about warm blonde hair, an all-over blonde with golden hues-without being brassy! These warm blondes are definitely in contrast to their icy "cool blonde" counterparts. For clients starting with light brown or highlighted hair, this look might require a full head of fine foil highlights to lift their color to blonde and give it a golden hue. For a rooted, dimensional look, we could apply a second color application at the roots and around hairline. We've heard a few different ways of describing this trend:

  • Honey Blonde, Teddy Bear Blonde, Honey Graham Blonde
  • Sun-kissed Blonde
  • Natural Golden Blonde
  • California Blonde

Here's Our Take on the Warm Blonde Hair Trend

Cool Blonde Hair

Some clients prefer their blonde hair on the chilly side. Cool blonde hair is pale and icy without any golden tones and looks awesome on warm skin tones. Some heads naturally lighten to a cool blonde, others lift with gold tones. To knock down any warmth, we can apply a toner and you can use purple shampoo at home. There are a few different buzzwords for describing the popular cool blonde shades:

  • Platinum Blonde
  • Icy Blonde
  • Ashy Blonde

Here's Our Take on Cool Blonde Hair

Neutral Blonde Hair

Not totally warm, not totally cool, these blondes fall somewhere in middle so they tend to flatter all skin tones. Neutral blondes can be a mix of both warm and cool shades which makes the overall look neutral. These are some popular ways to describe that neutral blonde look.

  • Wheat Blonde
  • Butter Blonde
  • Beige Blonde

Here's Our Take on Neutral Blondes

Whether you go warm or cool, the most natural looking blonde hair is multidimensional and flatters your eye color and skin tone. Talk to to the blonde hair experts at Studio W Salon in Castro Valley.

"I trust Amelia completely with coloring and highlighting my hair--her placement and tones are always spot on. She's also funny and easy to talk to. Totally recommend!"
-Natalie Q

"My highlights from a previous hair salon were brassy and did not look good. I asked Amelia for her opinion, and she made my highlights look fresh and new."
-Debbie P

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