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Whether you like vibrant colors, pretty pastels, or just love the freedom to create your fantasy look, you're in good hands at Studio W Salon. As hair industry professionals, we love color. It's in our nature. And we are thrilled to live in a time when bold and bright hair color is so embraced. It's not at all unusual to see someone wearing a fun color - from grade school kids to grand moms!

What are the best vivid hair colors?

There's no right or wrong way to choose your vivid hair color. Some people draw their inspiration from the season, a character, school colors or favorite team. Others just have a signature color and they wear it in all its glory. Whether you like to make a big statement with your color, or just like to have subtle hints, we are here to help you express your personal style. When it comes to creative hair color, we know how to mix and apply color so that it stays true and color that lasts. We are also experts at transitioning from one vivid color to another.

Popular vivid hair colors and styles

There is such a variety of fashion hair color, they're all popular. Blues and greens are always a favorite, as are warm reds and oranges. No matter which colors you choose, there are so many different ways to play it.

  • Vivid balayage highlights
  • Peekaboo vivid color
  • Mermaid color melt
  • Multicolor vivid, rainbow hair or color blocking

Here are some examples of vivid color that we've created. Single color, multi colors, colors that melt into one another, color blocks. It's all customized to the look you want. 

The Vivid Hair Color Process

Going for a bold fashion color, or even a pastel, takes extra time. There are at least two color steps involved. First we have to remove the pigment out of your hair to create a clear canvas. We apply lightener all over the head and lift the hair until it's a pale color, like the inside of a banana peel. This will allow our pigments to look high def and true to hue. The we apply the color(s) using a variety of techniques.

Vivid Hair Color Care

Rocking a vivid color will take some extra care at home, especially if you want to maximize the life of your color before you need to either touch it up or start anew. Our color specialists will talk you through the best products to use to shampoo and condition your hair. They'll also advise you against anything that might dry your hair out - because dry hair doesn't hold on to color pigment as well as hydrated hair.

Love the idea but not quite ready to commit? Don't forget about fairy hair extensions. We can add pops of color to your hair with colored fashion strands or tinsel.  Give color a try without a color service.

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